sleepless in seattle

Ft. three cups of coffee every day—because there were so many coffee shops that I wanted to visit in the Emerald City, but so few days in a weekend.

If I were to move to a new destination, I think I'd choose Seattle. I fell head over heels for the large bodies of water weaved throughout the city and the abundance of evergreens every direction you turn. We were also blessed with perfect weather. I have family in both Seattle and Vancouver, and spending the past few days with them made me begin to wonder if I should consider returning to the west coast soon. Although, my mom might argue that if I return, I should head back to LA... which is a conversation for another time.


My first time paddle boarding! Water 10, Standing Chae 0. I will not share the many videos that my aunt recorded of me toppling into the lake whilst trying to stand on my board. Many.

Harry's Fine Foods

Chihuly Garden and Glass

URL Coffee

Be still, my heart. Sending much love from Seattle.
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