my sunlit nook

I have only about a month left in my current apartment until I move into my own studio. Despite the fact that the central air system failed miserably at reaching my bedroom, I very much enjoyed living, working, and resting in this safe haven of mine over this past year. If you know me well, you know that I highly value safe spaces in all senses—physically, emotionally, relationally, spiritually—and this room kept me quite safe throughout the ups and downs of my 22nd trip around the sun. And, as I have spent the majority of my time in this room during quarantine, I wanted to specially document and cherish it on my blog.

I created a nook of sorts that has become my favorite corner. Thanks to my south-facing windows, plenty of sunlight streams through the glass and warms up my space. I centered the nook around my large mirror and mainly decorated it with (faux) greens, boho accents, and woven details. Brewing a fresh cup of coffee, nestling into my chair with my cats on my lap, and reading Psalms has been a delightful way of beginning my mornings.

To the best of my knowledge, here is the rundown of the items in the photos. I'm always trying to find the most affordable way to furnish my place!

Floor mirror  IKEA
Rattan chair (snagged for $20 from a lovely friend)  IKEA
Rattan stool  Urban Outfitters
Rattan ottoman  ROSS
Wall shelf  Urban Outfitters
Dreamcatcher  eBay
Himalayan salt lamp  Amazon
Ceramics  handmade & hand-painted
Faux monstera plant  IKEA
Faux hanging plant  IKEA
Faux potted eucalyptus  IKEA
Faux vines  Urban Outfitters
Faux lavender plant  A.C. Moore
Bamboo plant pot (tied on some twine to hang it)  IKEA
Bamboo laundry basket (using as a pot)  ROSS
Hario V60 glass range server  Amazon
Soulhand pour over kettle  Amazon

I've been sticking to faux and dried plants as historically I haven't been the greatest at taking care of real ones... but, I'm hoping to give "plant mom"-ing another shot at my new apartment. Decorating is a hobby that brings me a lot of genuine joy, because I'm able to elevate and beautify these personal spaces that matter so dearly to me. I hope you'll be able to experience that joy in your safe space, too.
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