Santa Clarita, California. 우리 집. Bits and pieces of seventeen years in this cherished place that I can call home. These are the lovely rosebushes that sit in our front yard.

Floofy Koko is one of the greatest joys of being at home. Based on the way that my parents dote on him, he's truly the third child of our family. Thanks for always putting a smile on my face, little one.

He's currently 3-years-old, which means he's 21 in dog years. We're basically twins?

My childhood room is very pink. It's gone through many phases, from Disney princess stickers in each corner to K-pop posters plastered on every wall. My dad constructed my drawers and bookshelves (and lots of other pieces of furniture in our house, too!). I also have many, many books stacked around the room.

On the other hand, my bathroom is very red. This is me matching with the wall—far too many bathroom selfies have been taken in here. There are splotches of hair dye on the cabinets and floor from the numerous times I've colored my hair over the years, oops.

Pots in our backyard and the gorgeous view we're blessed with. My dad has a little garden where he's grown different herbs, fruits, and veggies, and he's now trying to grow a persimmon tree. During crazy wildfire seasons, we've seen fires blazing down those mountains in the distance that looked like lava at night. We've had to evacuate before.

Mom's food is always the best food. Above is my favorite fish dish (I forgot which fish) and 부추부침개 with shrimp. She knows that these are my favorites, so she makes them every time I visit home. She also tells me to Instagram the pretty breakfast platters she creates, ha. I get it from my 엄마.

My camera roll is probably 70% sky pictures.

I've been feeling many feelings these days. Sadness over the fact that I'll be in California a lot less because I'm officially settled in Philly is definitely one of them, which is why I felt the sudden urge to commemorate what home means to me. I'm currently traveling and pretty off the grid, although I'm quite glad that it's been a buffer period of extended time with family and enjoying new sights. I'm grateful for the opportunity to travel—and for the chance to escape as well.

I shall return to reality soon.
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