friday coffee club

In the spirit of productivity and sharing some love, I've decided to create a Tumblr blog of my favorite coffee shops in my favorite cities. It's a long time coming, but I finally sat myself down, pulled my old photos of coffee spots from different clouds (I've got thousands of photos all over the place... from Google Photos to Dropbox), and put together a lil online gallery!

Welcome to
Friday Coffee Club
:) !!

Why Friday Coffee Club?

COFFEE SHOPS are my favorite places. They’re where I read, chill, study, listen to music, people-watch, and doodle. They’re where I best find inspiration, creativity, and productivity.

FRIDAY is my favorite day of the week—not only because it’s the start of the weekend, but also because it’s the day that I dedicate to exploring the city that I’m in and finding a new coffee spot.

THE CLUB is not only “just for fun”, but also an ongoing appreciation for coffee shops that I recommend you visit in the three cities that I've lived in before (and love so much): Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Tokyo.

This project is ongoing, as is my master spreadsheet! I've been working on this spreadsheet for YEARS, and it's grown to be quite the list thanks to hours of research, explorations, and tips from friends. What better way to appreciate these establishments than to share 'em with the world!?

Hope you enjoy ~

Much love,