snapshots from vancouver

Hello 2017! After a series of strange events as a result of my terrible clumsiness, I finally landed in Vancouver for a week-long vacation towards the beginning of winter break. The weather was a bit glum and thousands of tourists flocked every possible destination, but overall it was a pleasant trip and I was able to spend a lot of quality time with family. Beautiful sights and delicious food everywhere!

iPhone 6s Plus  ✕  Nikon D5500
Hope you like the video ~

O'Hare is such a gorgeous airport. Although, Vancouver International Airport had some pretty cool totem poles and Pacific Northwest Coast Native art.

It is indeed. I heard a quote from somewhere and I'm not exactly sure how it goes, but it's along these lines: live today as if it's the first day of the rest of your life. Because it is!


This was inside Revolver, a coffee shop in Gastown. Sigh, I may not be the biggest fan of coffee but my love for coffee shops has no limits. Hopefully coffee will grow on me as I age. One of those little dreams of mine when I was younger was to open up my own hole-in-the-wall cafe. I can still vividly picture the cafe I had always imagined: plants strewn about in all corners of the shop, fairy lights twinkling at the ceilings, exposed brick walls and pipes, the smell of freshly baked bread and brewed coffee wafting throughout the room. Wooden furniture, soft jazz, cozy lighting, tinkering silverware... man, it's all about the environment. Y'know, I'll think about it. Maybe one day I can save up and actually open up my own quaint little cafe. Nothing is impossible and anything can happen, right?!

Thanks for a wonderful week, Vancouver. I will be back for sure (when it's not freezing).

Eeek! I'm already returning to Philly tomorrow. Time truly does fly. I'm feeling positive though, and some excitement too! Fingers-crossed for a good, good semester. Wishing you luck for what's to come in 2017.
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