inspiration wall

One afternoon at home, I had a blast tearing down what used to be up on my bedroom wall and brainstorming, cutting, and taping for hours on end. I call this my inspiration wall. This wall is a physical representation of those thoughts, ideas, and feelings jumbled in your brain. I decided to position this next to my desk, so that I can look up and gain inspiration while I'm working.

What you'll need (this isn't set in stone; use whatever you wish, and make your wall you):

magazines & newspapers
photos & polaroids
sticky notes
tape & thumbtacks
paper or index cards
pen & markers

If you can't find anything that you like in magazines, print out your favorite images! I'm a hoarder when it comes to pretty pictures and typography, so I had a stack of ready-to-use materials. What's the point of keeping all those beautiful memories in a drawer when you can display them and see them every day?!

And of course, you will need an empty wall.

I'm going to divide up the steps into layers.

L A Y E R   ( 1 )

The first layer is your canvas. Use pieces that don't really need to garner attention, like newspaper articles, text pages, or solid colors. This is a base layer that is going to be covered up with other more important items. I used one magazine to have equal-sized pages and taped them up to form a square-ish base. The number and size of these pieces are going to depend on how your wall looks. I included a painting I made a couple of years ago because the size was perfect ~

L A Y E R   ( 2 )

This is where it gets exciting! This layer comes down to your personal taste. Fill up those empty spaces of the base layer with cutouts from magazines, your favorite postcards, cool text, and doodles. I even taped up a page of my notes from one of my psychology classes. But, save the most important materials (i.e. photos, polaroids) for last because you want those pieces to be on the top and the most visible.

L A Y E R   ( 3 )

Last but not least, my third and final layer includes photos of family and friends, my university's pendant, and a corkboard that I can use to stick up notes and quotes. I used thumbtacks to secure the board and pendant onto the wall and used sticky notes to write down memos. This layer is the layer that I want to stand out!

That's all ~

If you try this out, let me know how it goes! I had a really good time working on this project, so I hope that you will too.
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