road trip to big sur

"Not all those who wander are lost." This is probably the one quote that best depicts my view of traveling, adventuring, and mindlessly wandering. Nothing's better than embarking on an exciting journey all by yourself.

These are photos that I took on my trip up the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur.

Road trips mean polaroids. A great, timeless investment.

I picked up knitting again, which turned out to be a nice pastime in the car. I am attempting to finish a scarf before classes start. I got carsick halfway through though, so a three hour nap followed.

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park summarized by one word: magical. The natural creations of our world are pretty breathtaking. Go out and explore whenever you can find the chance.

Stopped in San Simeon to spend the night, then watched elephant seals bathe in the morning sunlight (forgot to take pictures, apologies).

Kristina and her chunky color block scarf.

Long car rides and pink horizons.

Foam from waves is a really soothing and relaxing sight.

I was bummed about the lighting at first, but this photo turned out so well! Happy Chaereen.

Time to sign-off for today; I'm trying to lessen the rambling. But in all seriousness, go on a road trip. It's perfect for taking your mind off of things, for reflection, and for inspiration.
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