freshman year dorm room

I've settled into my dorm since moving to Philadelphia last week and I'm excited to finally reveal it to you all. Along with a quick dorm tour, I've included small tips here and there for decorating and organizing your room, whether it be your dorm or bedroom back home.

Starting off with clothing organization: you bet I color code! I'm very attached to my closet, so I brought almost everything I owned from Los Angeles (not a good idea, I know). To save some wardrobe space, I purchased a cheap garment rack from Amazon and assembled it (easy peasy) to sit right next to my bed. I love it! It's convenient in that I can hang laundry on it to dry as well.

I'll show you the most organized drawer in my desk. It includes nearly all of my jewelry, along with hair accessories, face masks, lots of gum, and medication. I bought a couple simple, clear drawer organizers from Walmart that are great for separating these miscellaneous items. The jewelry holder is my mom's.

An easy DIY for organization is to take random boxes lying around (shoe boxes, packages, etc.) and paint them! I want to keep the feel of my dorm really minimalistic, so I decided on white. Cut off any excess parts of the box. Take those remaining pieces of the cardboard to create dividers within the box. I just used tape to secure them. I use these boxes to hold nail polish and makeup (there's a section for brushes, another for lip products, so on and so forth).

You should invest in a camera mug. You should. You really should. If you're paranoid about cheap products... then use it as a pencil/pen holder! But I'm telling you... you should get one.

I love coffee cups. I sometimes ask cashiers at Starbucks to give me extra cups so that I can use them around the house. I recently visited Alfred {Coffee + Kitchen} on Melrose Place, and of course I fetched myself one of their cute cups. I'm now using it has a holder for my whiteboard markers.

I'm not a fan of sitting on hard chairs for long periods of time, so I brought a cushion for a chair. How was I supposed to know that the chairs here are huuuge...

I have a lot of polaroids, but I find the standard ones a little too small. Instead of using those, I opted to print out some of my favorite pictures from my iPhone. All I did was add white borders that were polaroid-esque on Photoshop, and wha-la! Glue them to index cards, write captions, and your makeshift polaroids are complete. You can make them as large as you want, which is absolutely perfect.

I think I've mentioned this before, but eBay is my best friend. If you dig deeply enough, you'll discover inexpensive hidden gems like this white wooden cube clock (not even ten bucks). It's beautiful and works well. The mirror is my mom's (love you momma).

Command hooks and adhesive poster strips are a must if you're a hardcore decorator. Actually, hooks are also nice for hanging bags, scarves, and towels around your room.

If Daiso exists around your area, I highly recommend you visit it while dorm shopping. They not only have great essentials for the kitchen and bathroom, but also stock up on awesome crafts like these paper lanterns. I hung them on my ceiling using Command hooks!

Repping the best coast with a $5 flag from eBay. And what's a dorm without Christmas lights? The bedding is from IKEA and the ruffled throw pillow is from Target.

I think that's about it. What do you think? Classes started yesterday, and I'm enjoying every second here. I met so many incredible people these last few days and I'm extremely grateful. I'll try to log on from time to time, promise. As usual, thanks for reading!
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