Hi guys, guess what... I'm finally legal! Wooo! With less than two weeks left until I move to Philadelphia, I'm starting to get chills down my spine. Summer vacation whizzed by. I've already got my schedule for Fall semester, I'm eighteen, and independence is just around the corner. Say WHAT?!

Am I nervous? Scared? Of course. No doubt about it. Making new friends, living across the country from my family, studying in a competitive environment—college is going to be quite the experience. It's going to be stressful. Breakdowns are possible. Homesickness is inevitable. I'm going to be alone for the first time in my life, on my own to make decisions, to manage time... even to wake up...!

Am I excited? Heck yeah! The fact that I'll be attending the school of my dreams is going to make me the happiest gal on the planet. I'm going to be giddy every second on campus, from walking to class and sitting in the library to doing the laundry and falling asleep to the sound of taxis honking nonstop outside!

That's why I've made an important promise to myself: to never, ever, ever give up. To be as diligent as I can be. To be responsible and careful. To have fun and cherish my time there! I'm not going to let pressure intimidate me, and a horrible grade isn't going to ruin my life. I'm extremely thankful for the opportunities I've already been given, so I'm determined to make the best out of everything I now have. 

Alrighty, back to the present: Aimiel, Angela, and I hit up LACMA and Iota Brew Cafe for my little birthday celebration on the 3rd. In the Urban Light assemblage, I pulled out my ginormous "18" balloons that I snatched on eBay and proceeded to have a mini photoshoot. But of course it was windy and of course my balloons flew away. Of course. My deepest apologies to the ecosystem.

Iota is probably my favorite cafe in Koreatown right now. Both their main courses and desserts are amazing, I recommend it wholeheartedly.

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