summer morning routine

I've realized... that people love stories. We enjoy learning about others' lives and listening to their accounts. We like to see the world through others' eyes and be inspired by those new perspectives. This realization has led me to also realize... why the internet loves morning routines! Today's post is probably my favorite to date just because it was so fun to capture. Sit back, and welcome: this is what typically happens in my life before the clock strikes 12:00pm every day of summer break.

Waking up is indeed the most difficult part of the day. I hate my alarm ringtone, but I don't change it because it's exactly why I'm able to get up.

I like to eat before brushing my teeth. I usually stick to a light breakfast, and I try my best to never skip this meal. Of course, there's the occasional day when I wake up at lunchtime... oops.


I won't go into detail about the products I use when washing up, simply because I feel "whatever" about them. I don't have a particular face wash that has done wonders for me, but I do adore this face lotion and lip balm. My skin tends to be on the drier side, so I use these two products religiously.

Time for a quick workout! One of my goals for this summer is to get fit. After sitting and studying for hours on end during the school year, I'm sure my body is in dire need of good exercise. I love Blogilates, and I also like to take a run around the neighborhood when the weather is nice.

- 1 -
Low key guilty pleasure: korean dramas. Some of them can be absolutely ridiculous, but they're so addicting! If I'm not watching an episode, I'm probably drilling my eyes through a film that's on my infinitely long "Movies to Watch" list.
- 2 -
Water, water, and more water. I'm trying to get myself to drink as much water as possible.
- 3 -
Face masks! I can't tell if these actually make a difference, but I love the refreshing sensation of sticking these gooey masks on my face.

black crop top  /  Wet Seal
printed pants  /  Wet Seal
crystal necklace  /  Icing
bracelet  /  handmade gift
rings  /  Forever 21
wedges  /  Marshalls

On days when I go out, I like to dress before putting on makeup or doing my hair. This particular day was a lot cooler than the usual 90+ degrees of a regular Southern California summer, so I fished out a pair of light, long, swooshy pants.

Can't forget to turn on music when applying makeup! I've been listening to Kygo nonstop recently (and beautiful Crystals by Of Monsters and Men has been on replay).


From left to right: a spray of toner, a dab of pore eraser, a layer of foundation, and a dot of concealer complete my skin routine. That's all, really. I am yet to have explored the realms of primer, bronzer, highlighter... what else is there again? I'll just blame laziness.


The rest of my everyday makeup is pretty simple as well. I use two different shades of eyebrow pencils to fill in my brows, two liquid eye liners to line my eyes, and my all-time favorite mascara for my eyelashes. If you'd like to see what my full makeup routine is in detail, let me know!

Hands down, this is the greatest lip product to exist on Earth. I'd choose matte over glossy any day, and the color is literally to die for. Personally, it matches my skin tone extremely well and I love how I can wear any clothing with it! It does dry out quickly, but a swipe of chapstick does the trick.

I shower every other day, so on days when I don't shower I like to "soak" my hair in this amazing dry shampoo. It's just awesome, in my experience. I've tried a number of dry shampoos and no other brand beats this one. The scent isn't too shabby either. In terms of styling my hair, I usually go with my natural mane, straighten it, or tie it up into a high ponytail.

I had a delicious meal with my best friends at 42nd Street Gastropub the other night. Deviled eggs and macaroni & cheese, yum.

Alrighty folks, that's the end of my summer morning routine! I guess not much quite happens, but it's interesting to actually break down my mornings and see how I spend my time. Feel free to share with me your thoughts! See you soon.

Much love,