cozy photo wall

Welcome to my first attempt at a room decor DIY today! This is what I would like to call a "cozy photo wall". It's a very simple and easy project that will instantly light up your room and add a feeling of warm fuzziness. Let's head straight into it!

What you'll need:

hot glue gun (or tape)
polaroids (or any other photos)
string lights

... and, anything else you'd like to hang up!

Insert two thumbtacks into the wall approximately three feet away from each other. Cut a piece of yarn just a little longer than three feet. Tie one end to each thumbtack, making sure that the yarn is taut. 

Now, insert two more thumbtacks into the wall (three feet away from each other) six inches above the ones tied by the yarn. Hang up your string lights onto these thumbtacks, making sure that the line is taut once again.

Time to decorate! If you don't have polaroids, you can print pictures and cut them into the shape of polaroids. Feel free to use your imagination with this: you can hang up postcards, small keepsakes, movie stubs... whatever memories you'd like to cherish up on your wall.

Tape your photos onto the string like this. You can also use a hot glue gun. I tried and burned my foot, whoops.

If you want to hang up a quote, here's an idea: scribble down your quote, then crinkle up the paper to make it look old and used. The older it is, the more "memories" it holds!

I found these flowers attached to wires while rummaging through my desk drawers. I thought that they would be adorable additions to the photo wall.

Like I said, be creative! I hung a pair of sunglasses on my string lights and tied up my corsage from prom as well. This project is all about making the photo wall you.

My final product! Cozy, right? Let me know if you enjoyed this project. If you did, I'll happily continue the #roomspiration series this summer ~

Much love,