wind, wind, go away

I hate the wind.

I also hate how stressful this past month has been... tomorrow, I'm going to find out whether or not one of my dreams will come true. I really do hope to find some good news!!

Away with all that—I'm back! How have you been? It's been dreadfully windy recently, so I've been having a difficult time figuring out what to wear. I can't choose anything loose (especially no to skirts), and it's too warm for thick jackets. Lo and behold, here are two windy day outfit ideas I brainstormed for you.

I love my casual, comfy dresses; this black and white striped tee shirt dress is my favorite. If you're like me and you can't resist throwing on a dress such as this, pair it with a long coat or cardigan that will be heavy enough to keep the dress from flying up (yeah... that's embarrassing).

I love my knits, too. But breezes can get chilly, so holey knits aren't exactly the greatest cover ups on windy days. Instead, wear a plaid or denim shirt under your knit sweater. This pairing not only prevents the wind from freezing your skin, but also gives off a clean, preppy, sophisticated vibe that doesn't scream I'm-trying-way-too-hard. I slipped on some boyfriend jeans to complete the outfit.

black and white striped tee shirt dress  /  Forever 21
grey tweed boyfriend blazer  /  Forever 21
grey wavy knit raglan sweater  /  Forever 21
plaid flannel shirt dress  /  Forever 21
light wash boyfriend jeans  /  Ann Taylor Loft

Before I leave, here's a painting. This is The Monk by the Sea by Caspar David Friedrich. I was introduced to it during art history class at school and it's one of my favorites now. The horizon is perfectly endless... ginormous and mysterious. I don't think the painting is necessarily dark—I'd rather say that it's hopeful.

I'll leave on that note. A hopeful note.

Much love,