this is 25

I turned 25-years-old today.

Will Darbyshire, one of my favorite filmmakers on YouTube, helms a video project called The 'Me' Series in which he documents the person that he is every year. I very much appreciate this sentiment of reflecting on who you are in the present and how the past has shaped your current self. To me, this means that I should never dwell for too long on who I could've become or who I will become. Instead, I want to focus on who I am in the now—which is why I thought it would be fun to interpret his project in my own way.

This is me at 25.


july in ojai

Snippets from a gorgeous summer Saturday with my mom in Ojai, California.


on living life romantically & authentically

I woke up at precisely 08:57am on a Saturday to the sound of obnoxious construction on my street. Three men were relentlessly drilling a gigantic hole in the sidewalk right in front of my building. People didn’t bother to glance at the ruckus as they passed by — and probably didn’t even bother to think about why those men were digging a seemingly random hole in the first place. Typical city things, I guess.

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