the second end

I am officially a college graduate.

For reference: this was four years ago, wowza. I'm now fresh out of my dream school with a B.A. in Psychology! I don't know how to best articulate my heart of gratitude... it's going to be pretty difficult to encapsulate my college career into a single blog post. To be honest, I still haven't been able to fully think through the complex set of emotions that I've been feeling since graduating a few weeks ago, especially as this end is a more profound one. These past four years have been the most challenging by far—but more importantly, they've also been the most formative.

I am thankful.

For my family and friends,
for Penn, for Philly,
for GCC, and above all—for God's love for me.

For bike rides along Schuylkill,
for lazy afternoons on College Green,
for the window seats of coffee shops in UCity,
for late nights at Bonchon and Kung Fu,
for beach sunrises at Harvey Cedars,
for the chance to become a trained peer counselor (and better listener),
for 3:00am finals study parties in Struggs,
for Zipcar excursions into the burbs,
for the countless hours spent in Meyerson Hall,
for beautiful spring blossoms on campus,
for weekends spent in the darkroom to process black and white 35mm photos,
for professors who taught me to be more confident and joyful,
for Class of '28 516, Harnwell 1209, and 41st & Spruce,
for research opportunities that molded my appreciation for my roots,
for spontaneous Mickey D's runs at midnight,
for being in Philly when the Eagles won the Super Bowl,
for A5 6mm MUJI notebooks,
for Reciprocity Rings that let me petition for a new course to be organized,
for apple picking adventures at Linvilla,
for half a year in the gorgeous city of Tokyo,
for psychology classes that taught me how our differences make us all the more human,
for bright and early servants meetings every Saturday,
for comforting venti pink drinks at 39th & Walnut,

and for four years of my life that I wouldn't change one bit.

"While strolling down Locust Walk during my first time in Philly, I halted in front of Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture. I slowly spun around, taking in every sight—and realized that the statue stands at the very heart of campus. Love. Love, I believe, is the greatest gift I will receive as a student at Penn."
A glimpse of the (cringeworthy) essay I submitted to my school in hopes of coming here… and now, four years later, I can confidently say that I was able to experience that special gift in so many different ways.

Thanks for the love, Penn! My gratitude is beyond words. 'tis time to bid farewell to my chapter as a student—and cheers to a new beginning.
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