fresh honey grapefruit salad

I was inspired by a recipe on Healthyish to throw together a fruit salad that reminds me of a warm summer day (I am quite ready for these painfully cold temperatures to begone). What's so great about making this is that you probably have everything you'll need at home already! My mouth is watering again as I look at these (unfiltered!) photos.

Ingredients you'll need:

Fruit of your choice (I'm using grapefruit)
Nut of your choice (I'm using pistachios)
Cheese of your choice (I'm using Trader Joe's chèvre with honey)
Salt and pepper

Look at that gorgeous shade! I didn't edit any of these photos so that you could see for yourself how amazing the natural colors were. Honestly, one of the main reasons why I love grapefruit so much is because it's pink. And also because I love citrus fruits, of course. I decided to peel off the membrane of my grapefruit for this salad.

Sprinkle on your nut of choice, and then your cheese of choice. I liked how crumbly this goat's milk cheese was. Drizzle some honey over the plating, and finish it off with a dash of salt and pepper. That's it! A wonderfully light meal, or a sweet and tangy snack.

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