california winter

I am blonde! In an attempt to get a picture of myself with my new hair, which is now more ashy after toning and dying, I ended up taking enough photos to make an outfit post (thanks Eugenia ~). I also finally got some good ones with the cute cacti in front of Hauser & Wirth in Arts District. Yes, I'm always here.

I've been loving statement earrings these days. I also stole this cute cardigan from my mom! We always share clothes. :) I'm not very excited about returning to 30 degree weather in Philly... that kind of cold means fat puffy parkas and five layers 24/7. Not about that life y'all, I'd prefer heat over chills any day! SoCal runs in my blood.

Cardigan · mom's
Shirt · H&M
Jeans · UNIQLO
Boots · Urban Outfitters
Necklace · H&M
Earrings · H&M
Bag · Coach

Home has been both comforting and unsettling this time around. Familiarity and routine make me relaxed—catching up with high school friends in Koreatown, seeing palm trees on every street, playing with my dog in the backyard, and losing at Mario Kart (sigh) to my brother. But there's also a sense of uneasiness in that there's been a lot of change going on, such as figuring out the next steps for post-graduation life and cleaning out my bedroom because my parents are planning to move in the spring. I grew up in this house for seventeen years! It's filled with a countless number of fond memories. Man, goodbyes are hard.

The next time I write to you guys, I'll probably be back on the East Coast. In the meantime, I'll be cherishing every last moment I have with warm California sunshine.

Much love,