corkboard world map

While cleaning out my room, I found some old corkboard pieces and thought, what can I make out of these? I've been wanting a world map up on my bedroom wall for a while now. So, I decided, let's make an interactive one!

(if you noticed that one flag that lost its stickiness... you da real one)

What you'll need:

world map outline
pen & Sharpie
Post-it notes
poster strips (or whatever you want to use to attach your corkboard to the wall)

To save some time, you can download these outlines I printed and cut out! I left out Antarctica because I figured that I'm probably never going to find the chance to visit there... of course, you can always add it in!

Once you cut out your outlines, trace them onto the corkboard.

Fill in the new outlines with a fat Sharpie. You can also paint them in with acrylic paint if you'd like! However, if you use paint, there's the possibility that your flags won't stick into the corkboard properly.

Check out deformed Alaska... which shows, that this does not have to be perfect! No one's going to notice that you made a rounded end a little too sharp.

Optional, but why not? I wrote, "Where in the world have I been?" at the bottom of the corkboard.

Now, it's time to make your flag markings. Cut out long, isosceles triangles from your Post-it notes. Then, cut your toothpicks in half. Write the locations on the flags, then tape your mini flags to their respective "poles".

Add a compass! It's all about being creative. You can glue a flag onto the corkboard for a point of reference, too.

Time to finish up this project: apply a poster strip to each corner of the corkboard, then press it onto your desired spot on the wall.

Super easy and an awesome addition to your room! The process itself isn't difficult, but tracing and coloring in the map can be time consuming. If you don't have any corkboard available, think outside of the box: you can use plain paper with stickers or thumbtacks!

Like my previous project, my #roomspiration ideas are absolutely great for dorms as well! I'm moving away for college soon, so I've been researching dorm decoration ideas like a madman. I've got more things for your bedrooms and dorms coming up so keep your eyes peeled! Summer is whizzing by so fast.

Much love,