clean & casual

You're getting ready for a girls' night out. How do you dress up, but also dress down? It all comes down to the details: the fabric. The pattern. The style. My favorite outfit is the clean and casual; something that looks as if I really tried, but is actually very easy, comfortable, and everyday. I have fun with fashion, so I put in the time every morning to care about what I'm wearing. Fact: Never have I worn sweatpants to school! Looking put-together is my number one priority, but comfort is also extremely important. Today, I'm going to take two pieces—blue denim and black—and provide two outfit ideas that are both clean and casual.

light blue boyfriend chambray  /  forever 21
black high-waisted skinny jeans  /  forever 21
white platform sandals  /  Myeongdong, South Korea
rose gold geometric necklace  /  forever 21
white strap rose gold watch  /  forever 21

Okay I lied, the top for my first outfit isn't actual denim (... but close enough). I love boyfriend style anything, because that's where the comfort factor comes in! Boyfriend shirts, boyfriend jeans... big, baggy, and safe. But yet, at the same time, as this is a button up, you get that sense of a clean appearance. What's great is that it isn't too proper such as a plain white button up, because with that you might look more professional (of course, it depends on the style of the shirt).

Oh, and I love to half tuck. I like how it represents exactly what I'm going for: sophisticated, yet laid back! Last but not least, I paired my clothes with some white platform sandals. Honestly, white shoes can vamp up anything.

black turtleneck bodycon mini dress  /  forever 21
bleached denim jacket  /  forever 21
black platform booties  /  forever 21
crystal pendant necklace  /  forever 21

What can I say, I love Forever 21...
Tip: to maintain the clean look, stay simple. This means no patterns, no crazy textures, etc. That's why I love this plain black dress! It's like a 100% cotton T-shirt dress, except with a dressier top portion. Keep your jewelry minimal as well. And finally, these shoes: My. Favorite. Good ol' chunky platform booties. They are so comfortable because the front platforms pretty much eliminate the angled positions of my feet. They look like casual boots, but they also look like formal footwear!

Let me know your thoughts! As always, everything was entirely my opinion.
Would you try these blue denim + black outfits?

Up there is my cactus who has survived for two years on my windowsill and is still going strong. That, is a miracle my friends.

Much love,