little ways to change your life

As a chapter of my life is coming to an end, I'm yearning for that new start. New experiences, new people, new sights, new me. Of course, that kind of change doesn't happen overnight. If you're ever feeling bored or you think you need some change in your daily routine, here are five little things that you can consider.

learn and master a new skill

Whether it be biking, cooking, coding, or playing the guitar, try to learn and hone a new skill! Quench your intellectual curiosities. From sports to arts and crafts, there are tons of different activities you can jump in on. Who knows, maybe you'll end up discovering an overlooked talent.

try a face mask

This is the Mask of Magnaminty face and body mask from Lush. It's refreshing, soothing, and wondrous for your skin. Using products like this is a great way to not only spend alone time, but also take care of yourself during periods of stress. Start including masks in your beauty routine!

start a journal

Consistently jotting down the happenings in your life has been proven to improve your physical well-being (some believe that "journaling" even reduces symptoms of asthma). It has a positive impact psychologically as well. By writing about stressful situations, you will, simply put, de-stress. Writing in a journal helps you organize your thoughts and feelings. Most importantly, though, keeping a journal helps you better understand your own self.

dye your hair

Why not? If you want to change up the way you look but you're not sure how, try dying your hair a different shade. I've been dying my hair since middle school, so I've gone from burgundy, blue black, to even a light golden brown. As of right now, I'm back to my natural shade: black. Different hair colors give off different vibes. They also tend to change the tone of your skin, as well as the moods of your outfits. If you're a bold one, you can try trendy blue highlights or a lavender balayage.

drink more water

I've seen a countless number of articles online about how important and beneficial it is to drink eight cups of water every day. From clearing your skin to cleaning out your body, water is a miracle worker. But, I just haven't been able to drink that much! Thus, my goal is to start drinking more water daily. Recently, I suffered from acid reflux (it was extremely painful, let me tell you), and I was forced to maintain a healthier diet and sleeping schedule. I strayed away from solid foods for a couple days, so water become my closest companion. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep a healthier lifestyle permanently from here on out.

That's it! Are you up for taking on any (or all) of these suggestions? Which is your favorite? Let me know down below.

I graduate high school in exactly one month! Yikes.
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